Melvin entered the hall and went to help Charlotte up.

And then, he look at Lyra with disappointment, "I thought you'll restrain yourself after the divorce, but I didn't expect that you are still so despicable. You disgust me. I had planned to allocate this villa under your name. But it seems unnecessary."

"Melvin, don't blame Lyra. I made her angry and she pushed me by accident. It's all my fault. You can scold me."

Charlotte leaned in his arms with self-condemnation expression, sobbing in an aggrieved and pitiful manner. She then glanced at Lyra, but with triumphal smugness.

Melvin's face was frosty, and he said to Lyra with a commanding tone, "Now, immediately, apologize to Lottie."

Let her to apologize?

She was a little angry.

Lyra looked at the two loving persons back and forth, smiling with arched eyebrows. She tenderly went to pull Charlotte who was in Melvin's arms.

Charlotte thought she would get angry and argue with her, but she didn't expect her to smile in front of her.

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