Melvin frowned. When did he ever say he wanted to abandon her? Why would she think that?

He was baffled and just wanted to go after her to make things clear but his pant leg was clutched from behind.

"Melvin ... I know it's wrong."

Charlotte on the floor raised her miserable little face and softly choked as she explained, "I'm just afraid... afraid that you'll really like Lyra for the three years I've been away. I'm afraid you won't want me ..."

Melvin frowned, looked down and saw her slightly puffy cheeks. His eyes slightly moved, and he reached out to help her up.

"I said I'll give you the status of being my wife. Divorce is a matter of time, and you are too eager this time." His tone softened a bit.

Charlotte grabbed his sleeve and pursed her mouth in aggression, "It's all my fault, but I didn't want to harm anyone. I just used the wrong method, Melvin ... forgive me!"

When he didn't say anything else, she softly leaned into his arms, tentatively revealing her fair shoulder.

Melvin's dark eyes froze and he almost subconsciously pushed her away.


Charlotte's eyes got even redder and her gaze stared at him sorrowfully. Was he so resistant to her now?

She was so resigned to it.

Why was it that Lyra could do it last night, and she couldn't even just get close and try!?

"That's enough."

His cold and strange eyes narrowed slightly, looking

I never thought that you would actually use these tactics and say that kind of

and realized that she had really pissed

a man with principles. Once she touched his bottom line, she would only make him

I'm sorry. I really know I'm wrong. I just got confused for a moment. I won't dare to do it again. Melvin, even for the sake of that I saved you years ago,

and bright eyes.

That was all.

gradually softened his eyes, "This incident will be treated as if it did not happen. Do

at him when she saw his palm facing up and spreading

"Give me the key."

when she was interrupted by Melvin again, "I know Fred gave you the villa key without my permission. Take it

and had

been exposed, Charlotte had no choice but to reluctantly hand over

live in a new place as soon as possible. You must be so tired today.

to speak, Melvin directly asked the driver to send her

gone, Fred, who was standing in the garden, entered the living room cautiously and stood in front

eyes looked askance at him, and his tone was cold, "You


his tie in annoyance and took another puff of his cigarette, but the look in Lyra's eyes before she left


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