All of the employees was astonished!

The receptionist Emily just said that she received a woman who was suspected to be Mr. Lloyd's mistress, and the company suddenly had a brokerage director!

They had speculated that if this director was the same person as Mr. Lloyd's mistress.

However, they were unaware that their company had actually changed its boss.

But Lyra called it by a good name of: a personal visit.

On the one hand, because she had never handled the behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry, she was not clear about the business process, and she needed Keith to help her go through all of this.

One the other hand, she did not know the company personnel. If she lurked among the staff, and became their colleague, it would be convenient for her to quickly know the personnel situation and to a layoff later!


As the suspicions continued, Emily, at the service desk on the ground floor of the Angle Group, was looking at Jalen, the special assistant, who was walking towards her, and making a fool of herself.

Oh my God, Jalen was so handsome, and he was smiling at her?

Emily forced down her inner excitement, gathered the hair behind her ears and made a smile that she thought was beautiful.

"Mr. Mitchell, what can I do for you?"

Emily's heart was in her throat. Jalen was looking at her with such a deep, affectionate expression.

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