Hearing someone call her name, Lyra turned her head to look over. There was no extra expression on her face.

She guessed that Melvin and Charlotte would show up, but her heart has been completely dead since Melvin asked her to apologize at the villa.

Now Melvin was just an insignificant ex-husband to her.

With a decent smile on her face, she took Keith's arm and went up to socialize.

Seeing Lyra and Keith coming towards her side, Charlotte was surprised and subconsciously turned her head to look at Melvin beside her.

Melvin's eyes had also been on Lyra. He seemed to be shocked, but was still sullen in his eyes.

Because of what happened during the day, he felt a little guilty for a while.

But she not only changed her appearance in a few hours, but also hooked up with another man?

Although it must be said that tonight she was indeed very beautiful, stunningly beautiful, he actually didn't know that his ex-wife could be so stunning after three years of marriage.

And could Keith be her new man?

Why so speedy? She just got divorced in the morning and found a man in the evening?

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