"Yes, I hit you. Cause you're too cheap."

Lyra rubbed her palm carelessly, and sneered, "It seems that the Freeman family's education is really not very good. The daughter they teach is only full of shit."

"Also, what's wrong with married people? Is there a rule that married people are not allowed to participate? Is your brother not married? What you just said is an insult to me personally. I can sue you."


Sheila's temper sparked. She was hit in the face in public and was accused of being ill-bred. And she and the Freeman family were humiliated.

The most crucial thing was that the one who beat her was Lyra, who was bullied by her in the past and was too afraid to say anything!

What a disgrace!

"Bitch, I gonna kill you!"

She rushed over hideously with sinister expression, and reached her hand for Lyra's hair.

Keith saw this and quickly took Lyra into his arms and turned his back on Sheila.

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at Sheila with his dark eyes, "How long

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Sheila's momentum instantly weakened.

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your own good. You can't let Lyra really sue you.


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at the direction where Sheila left and asked with a frown, "Just let her go? Do you want me to quietly find someone to

shoulder, "Why are you angry? I'm not angry at all. She just said a few

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