In the garden.

Lyra had her arms crossed and stood in front the fountain to get some fresh air.

If she didn't come out to get some air, she was probably going to be fainted by the disgusting smell of the banquet hall.


A shrill voice suddenly sounded behind.

She turned her head and saw that it was Sheila walking towards her, holding her head high.

"Didn't it hurt enough? Still want me to help you recall it?" She coldly looked back and her tone was aloof and cold.

Sheila was so angry at her words that she wanted to go up and scratch her face, but thinking of her plan, she clenched her hands and held herself back.

She took a bank card out of her LV bag and handed it to Lyra with a patronizing tone.

"There's $300,000 in here. It's yours as long as you promise never to hang around my brother again. Leave Frayton and never come back."

odd look at

of Lyra Lloyd's hair, and she wanted to buy her and let her get out of

she must be

But this money is just a week's allowance for me. I think that you need it more than I

to remember that you asked your mother to borrow money before, but unfortunately she didn't lend it to you. Now it's good. With this money you can

that? Have you

sparkled with excitement as she kept thinking to herself, "Take the money!

Lyra was in the Freeman family, Fiona withheld all of Lyra's allowance. In the past three

sure that Lyra, being

long as Lyra took her money, she could say her money was stolen before the party was over and falsely caught her before she called the

beat Lyra to death. And it could leave her a record of theft by the way. Lyra would never be

excitement in her eyes

what I just did. I apologize, but this time I really mean it. You are so short of money. Just

sized her up, taking in all her expressions and

on her phone and sent a text message to

Help me go to the bank

took almost two seconds for

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