Sheila looked at her smile and was even more confused.

And Lyra had already opened the box, grabbed a large amount of bill with her hand and smashed it in Sheila's face.

Before Sheila had time to react, she saw something smash over, and her face suddenly hurt, followed by the entire box of bills hitting her head and floating down from the top of her head, landing all over the floor.

She was dumbfounded on the spot.

Lyra teasingly curled her lips, "Here is a million dollars. As long as you voluntarily remove your name from the Freeman family and get out, this money is yours. How about that? Are you excited? This is several times more than what you offered!"


Sheila was so angry that her chest was heaving and her eyes were red with anger. This bitch dared to hit her face with money!

And she taunted her with what she just said!

"You're a sleeping-around whore! Bitch! How dare you show off with the money from sleeping with men! Ah! I'll kill you!"

She gritted her teeth and rushed over with a grimace.

of Lyra but was pushed

she could touch Lyra's hair, her wrist was quickly caught by Lyra. With a violent force, Sheila's wrist was directly

clamped down again. Both of

whole process was

was clean. She was calm

was a matter of time. Because she was a girl and her physical strength was

Black Belt at the age of 12. She just tolerated the Freemans over

thought she was weak and easy to be

sec-killed, could not accept this fact at

you!! You bitch! Only seduces

more she got angry. And what she said was unpleasant to

you need to wash

fierce. She stood behind Sheila, used one hand to clamp Sheila's hands, the other to nip the back of her neck, and press her into the water of

desperately, but no matter how much she wriggled, the back of her neck was always

when did this bitch get so

fountain water splashed into her face. The more she struggled, the more water came into her nose, choking her to have a violent cough.

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