Lyra raised her neck and pointed to Sheila on the floor with her eyes.

"Just ask her yourself and you'll know."

Sheila was still coughing at the moment. Her face was red because of it, and she pointed her finger at Lyra with indignation for several times, but could not utter a word.

Seeing this situation, Charlotte looked at Lyra with disappointment and said painfully, "Lyra, Sheila is your half sister. Although she just spoke badly in front of the hotel, she apologized. How can you retaliate against her like this?"

"She's just a young girl. Lyra, you used to be so kind. Why did you do this?"

Her statement led to the conflict that it was Lyra's intentional retaliation.

Sheila nodded her head furiously, coughing and crying, which was so pitiful.

The crowd began to whisper. After all, the victim was the Freeman family's daughter. Unanimously, they were in favor of Sheila, and followed Charlotte to accuse Lyra.

Melvin didn't make a statement, always looking at Lyra with a sullen gaze.

Lyra was irritated by his stare and asked with a sneer, "You know best what your sister's character is. You don't also think I'm deliberately seeking personal revenge on her, do you?"

He pursed his lips and remained noncommittal. His expression was somewhat mysterious.

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