Oh my God! What kind of amazing news was this?

There was a rumor that Melvin had a wife that he had been hiding for three years, but they never thought it would be the woman Keith brought with him!

With their words, and the way Lyra glanced at Charlotte before she left, it had something fishy, and was not simple!

The way the crowd looked at Charlotte changed instantly.

Charlotte was a little panicked, not expecting that she fell victim to the event.

Now, everyone was wondering if she was the mistress!

Melvin's assistant, Fred came forward, cleaned up the mess and explained to the crowd.

"Please do not misunderstand. Mr. Freeman and the Miss Carroll has been divorced. Miss Matthews and Mr. Freeman is in a normal relationship. For today's event, I hope everyone can respect the Freeman family and won't say a word."

After he coped with the aftermath, the crowd finally went away.

Sheila regained some strength and rose from the ground, clinging to Melvin's cuffs.

thick black eyes looked comical. She was still gritting her teeth reluctantly, "Brother, you have to help me with this. That bitch bullied me, which is a public humiliation

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flash of panic crossed Sheila's face and she subconsciously glanced at the camera on

record her being bullied, she thought

Melvin's footsteps

Grand Esther Hotel's manager before she left, and as soon as Melvin appeared, the manager respectfully took them into the surveillance room, taking

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In the monitoring room.

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