Melvin's face completely went dark. He looked at her disappointingly and there was violent rage.

"You're unbelievable."

He yanked Sheila's hand off his sleeve and ordered, "From today on, you are grounded. You are not allowed to go anywhere without my permission, so reflect on your mistakes!"

After saying that, he pulled Charlotte away.

Sheila tried to go after her, but Fred held her down and she could only cry and beg for mercy.

Finally, she was forcibly dragged back to the Freeman Manor.

She was so mad that she started smashing things to vent as soon as she got back, and the whole room crackled.

Fiona was awakened by a violent noise and rushed over to check it out.

"Good girl, what's going on? Didn't you go to the party? Why did you get like this?"

"Mommy! Woo ..."

Sheila cried and jumped into Fiona's arms and told her what happened at the dinner party, "Mom, you have to do something for me! Brother is biased! Not only did he not fix that bitch, he even grounded me! You have to help me out with this!"

Fiona stroked her back and smoothed her.

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about your relationship with me, I won't drive you to the office after tomorrow. I've matched you

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and added: "By the way, Collin recently flies to foreign countries every day. Micah's hospital receives a patient with rare disease. they are too busy to take time off. They heard that you divorced.

disgust, "When your sister divorces, her brothers are as happy as the celebrating? No one will

was the case, she was curious. Collin was the first captain, while running enterprise around the world and having informants both in legal and illegal

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