Could it be Keith Lloyd?

Melvin frowned, his voice was cold and stern, "Keep searching, and send someone to investigate Keith. Report to me as soon as you find it."


Fred nodded his head, but defiance was written on his face.

Seeing that he was still standing there, Melvin was puzzled, "What are you standing here for? You've got something to say?"

Fred hesitated for a minute, knowing that it might piss off his boss, but he couldn't hold it back.

"Sorry, sir, but you're confusing me more and more. You are obviously divorced, but you are still so concerned about your ex-wife, when you should actually pay attention to Miss Matthews. May I ask what are you thinking?"

Melvin's eyes dimmed. He casually picked up the glass ashtray on the table, and smashed it towards Fred's feet.


Fred knew it was time for him to leave.

Melvin smoked two more cigarettes, and he looked a little hazy under the lingering smoke.

Feeling a bit hungry, he got up and opened the refrigerator.

The refrigerator was full, all of which were his favorite foods.

He was stunned in place.

the past three years, every time he came home, the first thing he saw

greet him with a smile, hand him the slippers and say, "You're back. It must've been a tiring day. You're hungry?

the hot meal on the table, he usually just dropped a few taunts and then went

from Melvin, but that stupid woman still enjoyed

about it, he couldn't help laughing

he somehow wanted to taste that hot

the party tonight rang in his ears

of marriage, to you, I

a clear conscience, what

had been thinking about Lyra, Melvin had a stirring of emotions in his chest. He angrily slammed close the refrigerator and


floor of Angle Group was full of

employees stood in several rows and waited for the arrival of their own president

Keith appeared

and a pencil skirt. With her ponytail high up, she looked

was a

the two walking in through the door was

the company's new director of the agent department, who

broke into

smiled and nodded

the recent business progress and goals. Then he let the people go back to their desks, but the agent

new in town and not

hair and rather heavy makeup,

repeatedly and smiled warmly, "Mr. Lloyd, you can rest assured that I will

and glanced at Lyra,

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