Lyra took the remote key fob and kept pressing it when she went to different floors of the parking facility.

Finally, after twenty minutes, hearing the beep, she found her new car.

Looking at the lime green spray paint, she stroked her chin and tsked twice.

Although this model was relatively traditional, but it never went outdated and was a really practical type of car, not to mention this color... Sassy!

She loved it!

She couldn't wait to get her hands on the new car and try it out.

A woman's sarcastic voice suddenly came from behind her.

"Oops, isn't this our fantastic Miss Carroll? Let me see what kind of car you're driving…"

Stacy smiled as she came over to check on Lyra's car. And when she saw it, she pouted her lips in disdain.

"I thought it was some fancy car. A Volkswagen Santana? Miss Carroll is in a high rank now. Why not buy a better one to reward yourself?"

Lyra didn't take offense, just smiling, "The car is just a transportation means for me. I only need it to be practical."

Stacy rolled her eyes.

excuse for the lack

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curls and stepped forward to take Lyra's arm like they were homies, "Miss Carroll, I just

for Lyra to say anything, she took Lyra's arm and walked to a

look at it from a distance, it did look quite cool, but it wasn't far from a good choice for commuting, only suitable for satisfying one's

haven't seen this style of sports car before, right? This is the latest BMW Z70 this year. The bare price

Lyra frowned.

could this car be a

her expression and thought her words had irritated Lyra. Haughtiness was written all over

cheap. We're an entertainment company. Those artists and celebrities would

"Huh ..."

with light makeup on and red lips, looked dangerously

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stupidity. You can't even tell the difference between a Z4 and a

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behind the butt of her BMW, grabbed her hand and

"What are you doing!"

look. You've got old dirt on this pipe. New dirt won't

took out a wet wipe to clean her hands.

"You're really stupid."

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