Lyra heard the voice and immediately frowned.

The moment she turned back, she met with Melvin's unfathomable eyes that were close at hand.

"This is the underground parking of the Angle Group. What is Mr. Freeman doing here?"

Melvin's lips curled up into a smirk, "I came here to talk to Mr. Lloyd about collaboration. What? Is there a rule saying I can't show up here?"

Lyra laughed at that.

What kind of lame excuse was that?

"The Freeman Group focuses on the real estate and construction market, which has nothing to do with the entertainment industry. So, are you here for selling houses to our artists?"

She locked eyes with him, the sarcasm in her gaze bursting out, no less intimidating than him.

Melvin was stung by her penetrating stare. His expression suddenly turned cold, and pressed her shoulders and pushed her backwards, so that her back was completely against the car door, and her whole body was circled in the bend of his arms.

"What are you doing?"

Lyra's thighs were held against his knees so she could not move.

This pose was so strange...

The close proximity and the steamy atmosphere made Lyra blush involuntarily.

She struggled while glaring back at him viciously.

"Melvin, are you on drugs? You've lost your fucking mind!"

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