After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 22 Never Understood Her

Lyra gritted her teeth. She didn't intend to reduce speed, but to speed up and dash forward, like she was determined to die with them together.

The two black cars in front of her saw her rushing straight ahead and were startled.

In the last two seconds before the impending collision, the two black cars moved backwards simultaneously by half a meter.

The gap between the two cars was just wide enough for the Santana to squeeze through.

No sooner had she breathed a sigh of relief than the two black cars quickly chased after her again.

Lyra tried to circle with them, but the Santana was simply no match for the two black cars in terms of speed, not to mention escaping from them.

She bit her lip, but her mind was extraordinarily calm.

Through the rearview mirror, she could see vaguely the number of people in the black cars.

Together with the driver, each black car and five people.

A total of ten people, all seemed to be sturdy men.

If she was gonna fight it in a hard way, she would certainly die. But if she used her wit to quickly settle the fight, she may have a 60% or 70% rate of winning.

This was inevitable, anyway, but she was not in a good mood today, so let's have a good fight!

Bring it on!

Having analyzed the situation, her gaze became steadfast. She chose to drive the car to the outskirts of an abandoned building and parked it there.

Two black cars came to a halt. The ten stout men got off in unison.

They were armed with rods and other weapons, all with fierce-looking faces.

Lyra leaned against the door of the car, arms crossed in a relaxed manner.

The crowd of gangsters were stunned when they saw her hot body under the white pencil skirt.

This deal today was indeed a one-way bet!

Lyra didn't panic at all, her eyes scanning across hem one by one, her red lips open, "Tell me first. Who sent you?"

The leader of the gang looked at her with lustful eyes, "Beauty, don't blame us. You've offended someone you shouldn't have."

Seeing that they would not reveal the name of their employer, Lyra did not bother to talk any more.

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