After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 23 A Devil or An Imp?

There must be more to her history than that.

As Melvin was lost in his thoughts, Fred had taken a taxi to the scene. Seeing the fainted men scattered here and there on the ground, he heaved a long sigh of relief.

The boss was really tough!

Melvin glanced at him, "Just in time, pack up all these people and bring them back. Find out who is behind it."

"Copy that." Fred nodded.

"Also, send someone to investigate Lyra's background. I want details."

"Yes, boss."


It was late when Lyra returned to the villa.

Keith was sitting on the couch waiting for her.

She told him what had happened tonight in details. Keith was angry and immediately sent someone to investigate it as well.

On the way back, Lyra had thought the matter over.

In addition to the person of the Lloyd family who tried to harm her, she did not have a feud with others. But if that person had known her whereabouts, it wouldn't have been as simple as a few gangsters coming to assault her and make a video about it.

Therefore, this was more like the Freeman's way of doing things, and she didn't believe Melvin was gonna be impartial when he found out the truth, so Keith's people had to investigate the matter as well.

Lyra went upstairs, took a shower and got to bed.

Early in the next morning.

She arrived at the office on time. Having just finished familiarizing herself with the materials yesterday, today she was already able to work on the arrangements for artists' activities.

Stacy was surprised at how quickly she managed to pick up her job and didn't dare to make things difficult for her anymore.

After a peaceful morning, Lyra stretched herself and was in an exceptionally relaxed mood.

However, just after lunch, her office door was slammed open.

Stacy rushed in with irritation on her face.

frowned, "Miss Kim, don't you know

of answering her, Stacy slammed the iPad in

artist Cody Carver having a fit on the set. Fortunately, his manager stopped the picture from spreading; otherwise, Cody

leave, because he wanted to go out for fun instead of get his job done. And he

you reject it! Now you've offended our young Satan here. I'm



and asked,

"To the film set."

Stacy hurried to

notorious for his awful temper, and he had got like a million tricks to torture people. Stacy couldn't wait

bring this matter to the meeting. See how many

financed by the Angle Group and had just started shooting a few days ago. The crew was

they arrived at the set, the two heard a loud bang

they approached, a handsome eighteen-year-old was having a fit of

anything, and other staff members of the crew were also

saw him making a mess and stepped forward to stop

what you've done! Even though your family is rich,

next to him, ready to smash it. "Yes, my family is rich! I can pay for everything I break. It's not your turn to

"Don't break this!"

director hid far away, and he could only oppose verbally, his

museum for the authenticity of the show. If the vase was

shock as Cody's hand

could throw the vase

turned around in surprise, and saw Lyra's keen eyes staring at


at that, "Who are you? How dare you ask

yesterday. She is the one who rejected your leave of absence this time. I had advised her, but she said you were

the veins on his forehead popping, and he glared

who started it all! I had been filming for two days in a row. What's wrong with taking a day off? It's only your second

drawn to Lyra, Stacy was snickering in

bother to talk to this kid, "I'll ask you

furious, "I don't hit women, but this time you asked

of Lyra a minute later, so they lowered their heads as they couldn't

beating was over quickly before

for Lyra's screams,

me! My arm

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