After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 24 Who Is the Unlucky One?

Stacy was even more shocked beyond words.

Who the hell was this Lyra Carroll?

Well done Stacy! Just as she had finished saying that Lyra was doomed...

Lyra knew Cody Carver? But Stacy had read her profile. How could someone who grew up in an orphanage know Cody Carver?

Thinking it might not be that simple, Stacy quietly backed away from the scene and dialed a phone number.

And as the crowd looked at Lyra, their eyes filled with admiration.

Cody, the center of attention, was oblivious to the stares of the crowd.

Squatting next to Lyra and kneading her legs, Cody looked up at Lyra, his eyes sparkling, smiling like a puppy dog.

"It's been a long time. Lyra, you're getting more and more beautiful. A beautiful woman can't be angry with a kid like me, or you'll become ugly!"

Lyra's long finger poked him at his forehead, red lips approaching his ear. She whispered, "Knock it off. From now on, be a good boy and stay in the crew for the filming. If you made troubles again I'll tell your grandpa about your great achievements."

"Don't! He's going to beat the shit out of me!"

Cody felt an ache all over his body, and hurriedly pleaded with Lyra in a pitiful manner, "Lyra, don't worry. I'll listen to whatever you say."

Lyra's red lips curled up into a smile, "Now then, go apologize to the cleaning lady."


Cody's face changed, "I'm the young master of the Carver family. You want me to bow down to the cleaning lady? My dignity... How could I, Lyra..."

Lyra put away her smile and looked serious again.

"It's the 21st century. You think you're the aristocrat or something? You lost your temper and smashed all these things. She did nothing wrong, and still have to clean up your mess, not to mention that she was trying to persuade you but got yelled at. Don't you think this is your fault?"

Cody was totally deflated.

When he turned his head and saw the cleaning lady was handling the mess he just made, he did feel sorry about it. So he walked hesitantly forward, apologized sincerely, and gave the lady some money as compensation.

excited and talked

settle the compensation

Cody was very serious with his job and extraordinarily cooperative. Almost every scene was finished with one or two takes, which made the director

young, still a naughty boy. Just

director laughed and he admired Lyra

and coxed her, saying he would buy her

the heart to reject him, so

order to avoid the stalking fans and had a quiet environment for dinner, Cody almost fully disguised himself, making himself unrecognizable unless one looked

most luxurious seven-star restaurant, the Doug

the restaurant, Lyra was attracted by the whole dark-color-scheme decoration. She did not like to eat in a place too

food, Cody winked at her and whispered, "Lyra, do you know the man at that table? He has glanced at us several

turned her head to look over and found it was Melvin who

a look full of smugness and provocation at her, like a

gaze, "That's the president of the

the fiancée, who just

hands paused for a second, but her face remained impassive

restrain himself from being gossipy, "I heard he had an ex-wife who had been secretly married to him for three years, but they got divorced. Poor

him a

"That's me."

face, but soon

"What! You're his ex-wife?!"

that people around immediately glanced

at the next table even furrowed his eyebrows and looked

who covered his mouth quickly. He could only whispered indignantly, "Good riddance! He looks just like those good-looking douchebags. He

snorted, "So, I'm the unlucky

sincerity, "No, no, he's the unlucky one. He

to single. Why not consider me? A sweet boy who knows

a mouthful of juice. She even accidentally got her white pencil skirt stained

"Lyra, are you okay?"

going to the restroom to clean up and I'll

saying that, she got up

at the next table overheard

few days since the divorce, and she had changed her date

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