After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 25 Why the Culprit Gets to Be Calm?

Fortunately, she was the only one in the restroom, but there was no guarantee that no one would come in later.

She tried to walk past Melvin to open the door, but her wrist was clutched by the man who had already approached near her.

"What are you afraid of?"

With a half-smile, he continued, "I told you I wanted to talk to you, and after letting you slip away last night, I won't give you another chance to escape today."

What was there to talk about?

Everything going on between him and her was plain and simple.

She shook off his hand and rubbed her wrist, "What do I have to be afraid of? I just find it unbelievable that the famous Mr. Freeman would enter the ladies' room to intercept someone."

Melvin's deep-set eyes looked at her, and he lit another cigarette.

Lyra was choked by the pungent smell of tobacco and furrowed her brow in disgust.

The lingering smoke added a bit of inscrutability to his look, and he was expressionless as he finally began to ask questions.

"Who was the man you're having dinner with?"

Lyra was baffled and rolled her eyes at him, "None of your business."

His question was ignored, but Melvin did not get angry. He continued, "Just now he seems to have the intention to pursue you. What about you? Do you like him too?"


Lyra seemed to have understood something.

She raised her head and stared at him oddly, "So you came over here to stop me because you're jealous?"

Melvin was rendered speechless by her words.

Lyra couldn't hold back and burst out laughing on the spot.

The man's face turned livid, and he was angered by her sarcastic gaze, "After all, you're still my ex-wife, and this kind of behavior will only tarnish the reputation of the Freeman family. I'm warning you. Stay away from those men!"

"Yo, you really have nothing better to do, Mr. Freeman. I'll repeat this one more time. It's none of your business who I'm with!"

His livid face turned even gloomier, and he couldn't think of anything to say to refute her.

Seeing him get defeated, Lyra was very satisfied and she suddenly wanted to tease him, "Does your little fiancée know about you going after your ex-wife in the ladies' room? I imagine the look on her face will be so interesting if she finds out, right? I really want to see her reaction!"

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No! This can't be!

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