After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 26 Keep Your Man In Check

The more she said, the weaker her voice became, but the stronger the hatred in her eyes. However, seemed to have no courage to open that door to confirm it.

"Just come in and see for yourself."

Lyra shrugged unconcernedly, jerked the door fully open and pointed to where Melvin had just been standing, "Man, right there!"

Charlotte's heart skipped a beat.

Following the direction where Lyra was pointing to, she found no one there apart from the wall.

"Is this a prank?"

She glared at Lyra with malice in her eyes.

Lyra also froze.

The man was standing right there just now. Did he have some superpowers that she was unaware of?

Charlotte was observing Lyra's expression. She still felt it suspicious, so she shoved Lyra aside in anger, pushing open every door of each cubicle to take a closer look.

Lyra was standing right behind her, also looking at where Melvin was hiding.

After checking all the cubicles, their eyes coincidentally fell on the last cubicle that was not completely closed.

Charlotte took a deep breath and thrust the door open!


Lyra, however, turned to look at the open window on the right side of the cubicle and understood exactly what happened.

She couldn't help laughing when she imagined the scene that the president of Freeman Group was forced to flee through the window .

Charlotte was confused by Lyra's amused expression, and her doubt rose again.

"If you were the only one in the restroom, what was that phone ringing earlier?"

Lyra waved her hand and did not answer.

Meaning, let Charlotte guess for herself.

Charlotte looked at her angrily and threatened, "Lyra, you and Melvin no longer have any relationship. I'm warning you. Stay away from him. If I find out you're still trying to seduce him, I won't let you off the hook!"

Lyra smiled as she listened, not intimidated at all, "I never look back and cry over something I've abandoned. But if you piss me off, I don't mind taking away everything you want, including the man."

"Shut up!"

Lyra's eyes, and failed to

your man in check and tell him not to mess with me again, because both you and he


nothing she could do about it. She was frustrated

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had just taken two steps when a familiar voice behind her

was Melvin walking out of the men's restroom with a calm and relaxed face. She

that she misheard it,

did you hear what I just said

Melvin nodded, "Hmm."

didn't want to leave a bad impression in Melvin's heart with her screaming

my fault. I just thought it was you in the ladies' room and that's why I lost control of

anything and looked at

dark circles under her eyes, he suddenly remembered that last night, she came to him late at night; he refused to see her, so she stood in front of the house for almost half

somewhat threatened, he still agreed to her engagement request out of


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seem to have changed a lot in the

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by lightning

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his meal, he also sent Charlotte

Charlotte pulled his hand and pouted, "Melvin, we are engaged. Can't I go back to live with

Melvin frowned.

that she couldn't stay in the villa. Why did she still mention

"Just wait a while. I'll have someone arrange

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