After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 27 Settle the Account

Fred didn't say anything, but the implication in his eyes was unmistakable.

If it were not for the special circumstances, he would never have suspected Charlotte. But that day he had just spoken to Charlotte about his boss's visit to Lyra at the Angle Group underground parking, and later that night Lyra was sieged on the road.

It was just too coincidental.

It's hard to say that Charlotte didn't have anything to do with it.

Charlotte looked hurt and said painfully, "Fred, I always considered you as my best friend, but I never thought you would suspect me? How could I have sent someone to harm Lyra? I didn't even know which route she would drive."

Fred was instantly convinced by her.

"I believe you are a kind person and you surely haven't done this, but did you tell anyone else about it?"

Charlotte paused.

Since Fred already suspected her, if she didn't give him some useful information, he would probably go check her recent calls. By then, the image she worked so hard to build in front of him would be gone.

When things come to a head, she had no choice but to sacrifice others.

She pretended to ponder over it for a while and suddenly think of something, "I was so sad that day. Sheila called to ask about me and I told her..."

She paused and quickly waved her hands, "No, no way! Sheila won't do such a thing either. I trust her."

Fred sighed rather gratefully, "Miss Matthews, you are a good girl, but others might not be as innocent and kind as you are."

He comforted her with a few more words and then left the hotel in a flash. He sent someone to the Freeman Manor for in-depth investigation, and then arranged someone else to quietly erase the associations between this matter and Charlotte.

Only when he was gone did Charlotte stomp her feet in anger.

She was wondering why no one came back to report last night, so it turned out that Melvin had saved that bitch!

Now she could only give Sheila out to protect herself. And when Melvin knew about it, he would definitely enhance his guard against the Freeman Manor, so Sheila Freeman, this pawn, would not be available for the time being!

It had racked her brain to get someone like Sheila to befriend her.

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