After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 28 I Prefer Torturing People Than Killing Them

Fiona and Sheila glanced at the contents of the photocopy, and their faces went colorless. They dared not utter a word.

They failed to set her up but instead she had gotten the goods on them.

They were in the wrong this time!

Lyra saw them both deflated and shook her head sarcastically.

She thought they would have been tougher and resisted a little longer!

"Go, hurry up with the smashing so we can proceed to the next step." As she finished talking, a meaningful smile played over her lips.

It was almost seconds before the bodyguards quickly took action.

Four of the bodyguards gathered all the servants in the garden and contained them there, while the other six were responsible for carrying out the apocalyptic destruction on the manor.

Soon the whole manor was filled with sounds of cracking and smashing.

The contained servants listened to the noise and cowered together, not daring to look.

Fiona also listened with her heart beating crazily fast.

Sheila shrank into her arms in fear, then suddenly remembered something and she jumped, "Oh no! I just got the set of LC Limited-Edition Cosmetics from Matania last month! You can't destroy it! Stop!"

She panicked and broke away from Fiona's embrace and ran upstairs to stop them.

There were screams mixed with the sound of broken porcelain.

From a distance, it sounded like an eerie symphony.

Fiona's fingernails were cutting into her palm, and her sinister stare at Lyra looked like she wanted to chop her into pieces.

It was the money she had lost, which made her heart wrench severely.

But decades of wealthy life had become part of her blood. She would not bow down to this little bitch no matter what!

She forced down the pain of a probable heart attack and glowered at Lyra with indignation, "You're downright vicious! Bitch! You'll get your karma. I'll hunt you down!"

Lyra laughed, "If I'm considered vicious just by this, then what are the things you did to me in the previous three years? So vicious that it's outrageous, right?"

I did was just to teach you rules of a prestigious family. It was you who couldn't stand the hardships and asked to divorce. What does it have to do with me? Is that my


it. These people were so full of themselves, and would never think they have


when she saw two bodyguards dragging Sheila out of the manor, who kept cursing

while Sheila kept

to rescue her baby girl back from the bodyguard, but was held down by another guard and couldn't move, so she could only look

who sent the men. It had nothing to do with Sheila.

prefer torturing people than

smile, "Last time, I said that if you messed with

bodyguard brought her a chair, and she sat down right in the middle

had said before, even if Fiona begged her on her knees, she would not step

once my mother-in-law, an elder to me,

gaze darting on

the party before, and she immediately shivered. "Mom! Help

was held by the bodyguards, she was able to speak, and she kept accusing Lyra of

it was


casually found some rags which were used to clean the room and stuffed them into

sound left in the garden was the weak whimpering

Lyra's playtime began.

the jewelry and you took the chance to snatch away my shares of the Freeman Group? But since I've destroyed all your belongings, this debt is settled. But, as for the time when you forced me to kneel down in

She passed a wink.

kicked Sheila on the crooks of her

ground heavily. Those fine small pebbles grinding her knees brought excruciating pain

by the bodyguard, but from a distance, it looked like she was kowtowing to Lyra. Sheila's face was distorted in pain. Such a grave

pain, and her mouth was still mumbling, seemingly she was yelling curses like

"Heartbreaking already?"

you can't stand it anymore? I was not your daughter, but I have a mom too. When you treated me like this,

mentioning of her mother, Lyra subconsciously clenched her fists tightly

memories came to her

risen, and looked up at the

a pity that it isn't raining heavily today. The account

eyes glinted with a hint of delight. She got a good idea, "Go get a

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