After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 29 Less of An Asshole

Looking at Melvin's expression, Lyra guessed that he should have also found out who was behind it.

So, he came over here to condemn her or what?

Melvin didn't say anything, just staring at her.

Instead, Fred came forward first and protested, "Miss Carroll, you're ruthless!"

Though Lyra had divorced Melvin, after all, the two were her former mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Even if they had done something wrong, the punishment for them had gone too far, right?

His admiration for the kind-hearted Charlotte had instantly increased a bit more.

Lyra glanced at him and did not retort, merely sparing Melvin a thoughtful glance.

"You think so too?"

Melvin frowned, about to speak, but Fiona, who heard the movement at the door, lunged over and hugged him, starting to denounce Lyra, "Son, look what this vicious bitch has done to your sister! She even smashed up the house! You must send her to jail. I want her to stay there until she dies and repent for the rest of her life!"

Melvin's handsome eyebrows were knitted more tightly.

Everyone looked at him as if they were waiting for him to make a decision.

So was Lyra .

However, she remained calm and collected, ready for the next step no matter which side Melvin would choose.

Fiona put on her smugness again. As her baby son was back, he was sure to help her!

She's waiting to see how this bitch Lyra dies!

As the crowd watched, having their own opinions in heart, Melvin took two steps closer to Lyra.

The black-clad bodyguards immediately went to block in front of Lyra, but were stopped by the latter.

She wanted to see what he was up to.

Melvin stopped there, a few steps away from Lyra.

He sighed, and his head lowered slightly toward Lyra.

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You must give me an explanation! Or I'll

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was so pissed that she rushed straight towards Lyra, trying to tear her apart. It was only then that Melvin turned to stare to the servants

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servants to take the cursing Fiona into

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helped me that day, so this time I only gave them a small punishment. Otherwise, I would have also sent the evidence to the police and put

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looked at her sly smile and couldn't help but curl up his lips. She

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keep them in check. Next time if they offend me again, I'll

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