After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 30 Do You Deserve It?

Melvin called the housekeeper in.

"From today onwards, Lady Fiona and Miss Freeman are grounded together. No one is allowed to let them out without my permission. And if anyone dares to disobey, they will be dealt with according to the Freeman Manor's severest punishment."


He was not gonna get even with that bitch Lyra?

Fiona blew her stack, pointing at Melvin and scolding him relentlessly, saying that he was an ungrateful bastard, heartless, disobedient and unfilial ...

Melvin let her be and didn't say another word, leaving the room with a sullen face.

He called in Fred.

"Whatever was smashed, have them replaced as soon as possible, and then send someone to keep an eye on the Freeman Manor. Any phone call must be monitored and reported to me quickly."

"Yes." Fred gave him a hesitant glance, "...But boss, would that be a bit too harsh on the lady and Miss Freeman? Miss Carroll is so merciless on this."

When he thought of the misery Fiona and Sheila had gone through, Fred couldn't bear it. He didn't understand why Boss was so protective of that Lyra.

He could even tolerate her making such a mess to the Freeman Manor.

Melvin uncharacteristically did not get angry or shout at him to get lost. He just asked in an emotionless tone, "If someone has set you up several times which almost kills you, and you suffered a lot because of it, would you forgive him?"

"Of course not!" Fred answered firmly, "I'll find a chance to get back at him."

As soon as he finished, he froze on the spot.

Melvin didn't say another word and walked away without looking back.


Having settled the score with those two women, Lyra was high-spirited on her way home.

The gifts from her big brother and second brother, Collin and Micah, were also successfully delivered.

She couldn't wait to open one of the gift boxes, but she did not expect that it was..

A small, self-made plane model from the Bureau of Aeronautics!


was not a

been looking forward to his gift for so

hide his amusement. "Rara, this is

Lyra rolled her eyes.

Micah's gift was not bad and

beautiful Emerald Green Ring with a hidden mechanism inside that could pop up a silver needle— a useful

ring on, and as for the small plane, she put it

she went to shower and get in

day, Lyra arrived at work

pushed open the office door, she saw a slender and unfamiliar figure

the door open and turned

with condescension and contempt, which

to be very hostile to her,

to speak, the strange woman took the initiative and said, "Emily at the reception had told me about you, but I didn't believe her. Now that I've seen you, you really look like a

Lyra was baffled.

went straight past the woman to sit on the office chair and spoke, "This lady, I have

must stay away from Keith. If I find out that you dare to seduce him or have an immoral relationship with him, I'll make

interested, "You

proudly and


year before, the second young lady from one of

never heard Keith mention

probably didn't dig

she didn't want such a

"That's it? Fiancée is someone that can be changed before getting married. Miss Frazier, you've begun to declared your sovereignty now? Sorry,


Irene was furious.

already concentrating on work, treating her like she was

anger, so she eventually

Irene glanced

one after the other, down a

this new director a

the story, "She was brought into the company by Mr. Lloyd personally. He also asked us to take care of her. She had probably hooked up with Mr. Lloyd before she entered the company. Moreover, she has always been so snooty. She even beat up the company's

"Are you serious?!"

all the more reason to drive

come closer and gave a few instructions in a

was listening, she

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