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Chapter 31 This Woman Drinks Like a Fish

Stacy's face froze, but then she smiled even wider.

She pulled Lyra aside and whispered in her ear, "The three directors are all respected figures of Grandviz. They could easily decide whether our artists will get the main roles of this TV show. Be careful not to offend them."

Lyra nodded, with little expression on her face.

The two finished their private chitchat and politely turned back around.

The three directors stared at Lyra with unblinking eyes, their eyes glinting with lust, which disgusted Lyra.

"Miss Carroll really lives up to your name. Not only are you beautiful, you're in such a good shape."

Mr. Harper was the first to speak.

"Thank you for your compliment. You three misters are the best of the best." Lyra replied with a smile.

Stacy greeted everyone warmly and have them seated.

She raised the glass, being the first to toast to Lyra, "Miss Carroll, this is your first time negotiating business in person since you took office. Here's to you. I wish you a success."

A glass of red wine was forced into Lyra's hands.

Lyra elegantly swirled the wine and took a sniff, "1982 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, excellent."

She smiled and gently clinked her glass with Stacy, before raising her head and gulping it all down.

Mr. McCormick tried to fawn on her, "I didn't expect Miss Carroll also have a profound understanding of wine, and you don't hesitate to drink. How charming! Please accept my toast."

Lyra asked, "Are we here today to talk about the casting of Grandviz's new show? We haven't got to the point yet."

The directors were all unhurried, "Surly we'll get to that. But the rule is to drink first before talking about the business. Miss Carroll, you aren't gonna break the rule, right?"

The three directors were all smiles and came up to toast to her.

Lyra didn't even refuse and drank glass after glass.


At the President's office, Frazier Group.

Fred knocked on the door and respectfully handed over a file containing information about Lyra's life.

"Boss, our people have carefully checked three times. This is the result we've got. Please take a look."

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was fifteen years old, it only said she was in an orphanage.

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"It's not necessary."

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"Boss, you have a dinner reservation for tonight that




filling up Lyra's glass and they had toasted for about three rounds, Lyra never refused

six bottles of red

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so much, so much so that she and the three directors were drunk, but Lyra

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Good God!

They were in awe!

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Miss Kim, why aren't you drinking anymore? If you've

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couldn't continue to drink anymore, or they would crash onto the ground the next

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Maybe I'm a little drunk now. Let me get you

her a thoughtful glance, but didn't

moments later, Stacy came back with a new wine glass, filled

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