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Chapter 32 No Way She Would Have Herself At A Disadvantage

Mr. Pollard's eyes widened in horror when he saw who was the man.

"Mr. Freeman... What are you doing here?"

Melvin's face was livid and frightening, the veins on his forehead throbbing, and his grip on the collar tightened, "Which room is she in? What are you going to do to her?"

Mr. Pollard was scared half to death by the man's horrifying glare. He told Melvin everything out of fright.

Stacy's face also paled with fear, quietly looking for an opportunity to sneak away.

But she was caught by Fred who just arrived.

Melvin left both of them to Fred, "Tie them up, find a room and lock them there. I'll deal with them later."

After saying that, he ran to Lyra's room like he was gonna kill someone.

He had a bad hunch.

That bastard Mr. Pollard told him that Lyra had already been drugged, and fifteen minutes had passed since then, did she...

His scarlet eyes were gradually tinged with killing intent.

He Pushed open the door of the room violently.

The first thing he saw was a bloody mess, with blood trailing all the way to the small bathroom inside the private room.

He heard constant groaning of men coming from the bathroom.

Two men!

Melvin was completely infuriated and rushed towards the bathroom, but his eyes inadvertently caught a glimpse of a leisurely figure not far away.

He fixed his eyes on it.

It was Lyra!

Her exquisite face had put on light makeup. At the moment she was gracefully leaning back in the chair, her slender fingers tapping on a broken stool leg next to her.

On the tip of the stool leg were a few sharp screws, stained with blood that would dripped to the ground occasionally. Obviously, it had experienced a fierce battle.

Melvin sized her up twice.

"Are you... really okay?"

Lyra tilted her head and smiled playfully, "What, Mr. Freeman wants something to happen to me?"

Of course not.

well-informed. Did you come here specially to


Melvin was confused.


He took a look.

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Pollard and Stacy's idea... They made me do it! I was forced

spare us.

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for money and lascivious, has unusual kinks, likes to torture women. Many female celebrities and female staff in the circle had been

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forgive us. We've realized our mistakes. And we, we swear we'll never dare to do it

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know you are wrong, then post the video you recorded in the bathroom on Twitter, tell the public your crime, apologize sincerely to the victims, and be sure to let everyone see clearly how abhorrent you

two men blanched at her

McCormick immediately shook his head, "No... I can't! I will be removed from the board of directors. The public will spit on me, and the police will also arrest

Harper also pleaded, "Your Majesty, please, mercy! We can promise

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want to be taken away

Lyra was perplexed.

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of Melvin's methods of torturing people. That would really be a life worse

from one's body, or cutting a person 3000 times when the man was still alive...

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men posted the tweet with shaky hands under Lyra's

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