After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 33 See How You'll Cry Later!

Melvin pursed his thin lips, and he walked out of the hotel without saying a word.

Fred had no choice but to call his men to release those two people.

Stacy and Mr. Pollard were tied up in a darkened room, shivering.

She never could have imagined that Lyra actually knew such a big shot like Melvin, and her jealousy towards Lyra deepened even more.

An orphan who grew up in an orphanage, whose marital status on the profile seemed to read "Divorced".

What made a woman like this worthy of the help from so many excellent men in Frayton?

But more than jealousy, she was afraid at the moment.

It was the fear of how Melvin would handle them.

The light turned on with a crisp snap, both were almost blinded under the sudden illumination.

They were trembling with fear, and before they could ask for mercy, they saw Fred's men untying them!

Then the group of people left directly without casting them a glance.

The two people looked at each other in puzzlement.

What was going on here?

They let them go so easily?

Mr. Pollard immediately called Mr. Harper to ask for information, and Stacy also listened next to him.

But Mr. Harper's phone was off.

They couldn't get through.

The two had no other choice but to separate first. They couldn't stay in this place, in case Melvin might regret it and come back to catch them.

After returning home, Stacy talked to Irene on the phone and learned that Mr. Harper and Mr. McCormick had been arrested.

the hell did you do it? What

Pollard was overheard by Mr. Freeman of the Freeman Group, and he tied us up. Mr. Harper

can't figure out why he would let me and Mr. Pollard go if he could

silent for

someone to look into this. You just need to keep an eye on


the phone, Stacy turned to hug the man at

man was partly bald, probably in his forties. He lustfully confined her to his arms, "That new

and pushed him away

had said before that you would support my promotion, but that woman suddenly came out of nowhere.

to complain, "And my car, you actually gave me a used BMW! Am I that cheap

moment, so he could only placate her, "Of course not. You are the most beautiful babe in my heart. I was strapped some time ago. When I've got the time, I'll personally take you to the 4S store to pick a better

grunted twice in

director position so much, tomorrow at the conference, I'll find fault with her. By then you can help with a word or two. A newcomer like her certainly doesn't know how to deal with this. She'll only

delighted, "This is a

man nodded, his eyes glinting with lust, "Baby, I've helped you so much. Shouldn't

blushed and pouted, "You're

Early the next morning.

work in her car,

to ride up the elevator with her and couldn't help but tease, "Yo, Miss Kim, you look radiant. Had a sound sleep

contemptuously glanced at Lyra, "Yeah, definitely better than you did,

by how Lyra was drugged, Mr. Harper and Mr. McCormick must have made it. But unfortunately, Melvin bumped into them and had them arrested by the police, which was why they did not have the opportunity to send the video

confident about her deduction, thus looking at Lyra with even

for a tarnished whore like her to be smug

her chin and approached Lyra, taunting her, "Miss Carroll, I quite like you. If only we could be friends, but it's a pity that you are about to scram from that position,

sneered and looked at her like she


The elevator arrived.

eyes and took the lead

at her proud figure, Stacy gritted her teeth with hatred, "I'd

Angle Group had a monthly meeting

the table; employees like Stacy would be sitting in the back

after another until Keith

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