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Chapter 34 You're Bullshitting

As Stacy thought about it, she felt that Lyra was laying traps for her, so she chose to ignore her questions.

Stacy continued her questioning, "When did Miss Carroll make a deal with Grandviz? How come I haven't heard anything about this?"

"Miss Kim, you're funny. You mean I have to inform you first when I do something?"

Lyra sneered and stared at Stacy with penetrating gaze, "Who do you think you are?"

Stacy was stunned, not expecting Lyra to retort her in front of the whole company.

At the moment, all eyes were fixed her, waiting for her to make a fool of herself.

She bit her lips, with an injured look on her face. She softened her tone and said respectfully, "I'm sorry. I was full of myself. I thought you, the director, would've discussed it with your subordinates."

The weak and cowering Stacy, against the proud and aggressive Lyra.

She acted like Lyra was using her privilege as the director to bully her.

Stacy was complacent about herself.

Wanna fight with her?

This unruly newcomer was not experienced enough!

Keith tapped his knuckles on the conference table, his face a bit displeased, "The director certainly has the right to make her own decisions. There is no need to make a fuss."

"Yes, Mr. Lloyd."

Stacy's face was embarrassed and she could only sit back resentfully.

Lyra, however, stared at her and continued, "But since Miss Kim is asking, I'll tell you. Yesterday morning, the head of Grandviz and I had decided on the actors."


Stacy was flabbergasted.

It was not until yesterday afternoon that she told Lyra about Grandviz's new project, but it turned out that Lyra had already settle the deal that morning...

Then why did she still agree to the dinner last night?

Stacy stared at Lyra incredulously, like she had seen a ghost.

So she did it on purpose?

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that Miss Carroll be closely investigated."

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was so happy that she almost jumped in excitement, "Really? Mr. Lloyd, you actually approve of me and will investigate Miss Carroll closely?"

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