After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 35 She's Just a Shameless Villain

"How dare you!"

Stacy first noticed that Lyra was sitting in the main seat of the conference room before she realized what Lyra had just said, her lips trembling, "What...what do you mean?"

Lyra was smiling triumphantly.

She just looked at Stacy askance and didn't answer.

Stacy was panicked by that smile, and even more so by her air of confidence.

"Lunatic! You're simply a lunatic!"

Though she was scolding Lyra, she actually took two steps back as she spoke.

Just as she turned around and was about to leave, four men in police uniforms suddenly came to the door of the conference room and knocked politely, "Excuse me, who is Stacy Kim?"

Upon hearing her own name, Stacy froze, "What do you want?"

Hearing her answer, the police officers immediately turned serous, walking towards her.

Stacy's face was pale with fear, "Did you guys get it wrong? I'm a law-abiding citizen!"

"We will judge for ourselves whether you are innocent or not. Please come with us."

"No! I'm not going!"

Mr. Harper and Mr. McCormick were already imprisoned, so she couldn't hide what she had done. Originally, she expected Billy Lowery to protect her, but Billy was doomed faster than she did.

But she couldn't go to jail; once she was convicted, her job, her future, everything would be lost!

Having thought of something, she jogged to Lyra and knelt down, forgetting about her dignity or what not, taking Lyra's hand and begging, "You called the police, right? Lyra, Miss Carroll, I admit defeat. I'm really sorry. I was just being overly jealous so I wanted to harm you. Could you forgive me, please?"

Lyra gently lifted up Stacy's chin with her fingertips, looking her straight in the eyes and smiled, "This apology from you is all fear and fluke. You know better than me whether you actually meant it."

"I really mean it. I was wrong, Miss Carroll, I was really wrong."

"Stacy, if you were just naive enough to pick on me, and attempted to climb the ladders by sleeping with Billy, I would've just fired you. But you surprised me so much that I realized I had underestimated you. Your performance last night was so impressive that I've got to do something to show my awe, like, sending you to prison."

Stacy lowered her head and sobbed, but in her heart, she hated it so much that she gnashed her teeth.

This bitch was so crazy!

She had gone too far!

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