After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 36 Can't Wait to Take Her Down

"Bitch! You're a siren!"

Irene was furious that this bitch had seduced Keith in front of her, Keith's real fiancée!

She followed him from Suham to Frayton, not to mention how much effort she had put in getting engaged to him in the first place.

How many women in the world could love a man like she did for Keith!

But Keith always refused to see her, and let Jalen use various excuses to brush her off. This time, again, he said he was busy, but his so-called "busy" was busy having lunch with this bitch?

The more Irene thought about it, the angrier she became. Underneath her delicate makeup was a fierce face. She glared at Lyra viciously and raised her hand to slap her.

Lyra didn't duck, but just waited there without moving.


Irene's hand didn't even get to touch a strand of Lyra's hair before it was clutched.

Jalen clamped her wrist tightly and his tone was serious, "Miss Frazier, this is Angle Group. You can't use violence here. Please behave yourself."

Irene tried to pull her hand back, but her strength was no match for Jalen's.

She was furious, "Let go! This kind of shameless bitch deserves a good beating. If you get in my way again, I'll beat you too!"

Jalen's face gradually turned sullen, and his hand did not let go. "Miss Frazier, Mr. Lloyd is inside. Are you trying to make a scene and force him to come out and see you behaving like a shrew?"

A shrew?

She was the Miss Frazier of Suham, born with a silver spoon. She couldn't have her image ruined in front of Keith.

Seeing that she gradually regained her senses and her anger subsided, Jalen withdrew his hand.

At the thought that this woman could restrain herself even if she was in rage, Lyra couldn't help snickering.

"I've heard long ago that Miss Frazier is a fiery and domineering person who can go as far as throwing caution to the wind." Lyra tsked, shook her head, and continued, "Today, I only see that you're a coward, and that's all."

"Shut up!"

Irene was simply furious, resisting the urge to go up and tear her apart. In the end, she could only watch Lyra enter the elevator in a breezy manner and disappear completely from sight.



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