After divorce I am a billionaire

Chapter 37: Being the Matthews Group's sole heir

Fred saw Melvin's livid face and thus called him.

Melvin snapped back from his own thoughts and instructed, "About the ownership transfer of the villa, the lawyer must give us a draft of the agreement today, and then contact Lyra to come over to sign it."

"Yes, I'll get to it immediately."

At the Angle Group Tower.

Since Stacy was jailed, Lyra had lacked someone to help her, and now she had to focus on the reality talent competition project, so she decided to pick a replacement from those agents and assistants.

At the moment, in her small office, seven female employees of varying heights were standing in two rows.

Most of the female employees in the first row looked pretty, but not standing upright, looking a bit ostentatious.

Lyra only took a glance at the first row and she didn't like them being so fake.

She scanned across every face and her eyes were drawn to the girl standing furthest away in the second row.

"You, step forward."

The girl did not expect to be called. Surprised and delighted, she cautiously took two steps forward, "Hello Director, my name is Kellie Winters."

Lyra looked at her profile.

A newcomer, born in a remote area, nothing dodgy in her history and family background.

That's exactly the kind of person Lyra wanted.

"Then it's you. Start as my assistant."

Kellie was flattered.

The other employees were upset, "Director, she's only been here for a month, and she's still on probation. Is this compliance with the rules?"

Lyra threw them another glance.

"I, am the rule."

The crowd choked on her words. Without being selected, they could only leave discontentedly.

The newcomer Kellie was very excited and kept bowing to thank her, "Thank you, Director, for giving me this opportunity. I'll do my best in every task you give me, I promise..."

"Okay, I see, but actions speak louder than words." She gave Kellie an affirmative look and handed her a pile of documents, "Familiarize yourself with these matters as soon as possible."

"Okay, Director."

carried the documents

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In the café.

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Charlotte hesitated.

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was time to get off work, Lyra drove to the Seaside Villa in her Santana

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