Chapter 365 Private Celebration

“It’s fine. They were just exaggerating,” Tessa answered humbly.

“No. You’re being modest. You have no idea how much our music director regrets booting you out of the orchestra after he heard the live recording.”

Tessa smiled. “Honestly, I’m grateful that I got the boot, or I might have never met Miss Hathaway.”

“Miss Hathaway is a great teacher. I can see that she pours her heart and soul into developing you.”

“Yes. She helped me a lot on this path.”


“Your skill and transition has also improved greatly. I believe you’ll be making an official appearance soon.”

I want to train more,” Tessa told him her plan. “Miss


can see that she has made plans for you.”

gain experience and build my foundation. Miss Hathaway says I can

get into the mood no problem, but you’ll have to get into the zone to express the

told me too. She said I can only improve through training

and Scott stopped in his tracks. Tessa looked at him curiously, and he handed

tell that the book was old and

birthday present. I hope you like it. And happy

that you remember,

insisted, “You’re worth it. I hope this book will remind you of why you set out on this path. Keep working to be

that. “Thank you, then.” She took the

Scott looked forward

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