Chapter 368 Argument

Nicholas ignored him and went into the residence.

Remus was waiting in the resplendent living room. His butler told him that Nicholas had returned, and when his grandson came in, he picked his teacup up and sipped from it. “You’re back,” he said majestically.

“What’s with the engagement?” Nicholas stood in the living room, looking at his grandfather coldly, and tension rose in the air.

Remus paused, and he looked at Nicholas in displeasure. “Are you questioning me?”

“If you want to think like that, then yes.” Nicholas didn’t deny it. He said calmly, “There are some lines you should never cross.”

“Are you telling me what to do?” Remus’ face fell and he slammed his cup down. He insisted, “You’re going to get engaged whether you like it or not.”

to go on with it,

me?” Remus flew into a rage. “I know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to get engaged because you want that Reinhart woman to be your

marry.” Nicholas didn’t give


that Nicholas was going against him time and again. “That wench must have deceived you. I will

angry as well, and his patience ran out. He simply laid all his cards on the table and


once, Remus’ face fell. “So

that out, I would have failed your teachings,” Nicholas

snorted. “So what if she’s Gregory’s mother? She abandoned him for money. That’s proof that she’s a gold digger. I will never allow someone like that to

the living room, someone appeared on the porch, but

be Tessa’s son. So that’s why he likes her so much? There’s no way I can make Gregory like me now that

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