Chapter 367 Worried

Nicholas frowned, and his heart ached for Tessa. He knew their lives had been hard, but now that Timothy told him about it, he realized that she had it harder than he had imagined. But no matter if it was then or now, she had always been resilient and strong.

Timothy then brought up Tessa’s disappearance. “She suddenly disappeared for a year. I thought the Reinharts did it, so I went and demanded that they give her back, but then I realized it wasn’t them. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t find her at that time, and I was worried sick and in despair.”

Gregory was worried as well, and he urged, “What happened then? How did you find her?”

Timothy looked at him, and he continued, “I didn’t find her. She came back herself, but she never talked about her disappearance. As long as she was back, I didn’t really care what happened during that year.”

Gregory nodded in agreement. Tessa had disappeared on him before, and he had been worried sick, so he knew how Timothy felt. “Yeah, it’s not important. What’s important is that she’s back.”

Nicholas connected another piece of the puzzle. The year she disappeared must have been the one when she got pregnant.

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