An Eight-year-old Princess

Chapter 1223 As Long As She Is Alive

Luo Qingyan ignored him. He walked around the four corpses several times, but stopped beside a big tree.

Seeing that Luo Qingyan seemed to have found something, the secret guard quickly followed her and looked at the tree.

"This tree..."

The secret guards soon found something wrong and took a few steps forward to carefully check the fracture of the tree.

"The fracture is neat. It doesn't seem to be broken by a mountain stone. Someone cut it off. "

Luo Qingyan didn't say anything. He just raised his hand and stroked the neat broken part. No one knew what he was thinking about.

When the secret guard got this clue, he was very excited. He quickly called several secret guards over and told them in detail. Then they carefully looked around.

After a short while, the secret guard founds something new. "We found three neatly cut trees in total. The trees are all very thick, and a person can hold them with both arms. I have checked the three trees carefully and found that except for the neat fractures, there are also some traces on them... "

The secret guard quickly walked over and pointed at the traces he had found. "It seems that it has been strangled by something."

As the secret guard spoke, he quickly ordered the others to carry the other two trees over and put them neatly together.

look, if the traces of these three trees are put

front of him.

three trees and tied them together. Then, she must have used the terrain or something to form a barrier with the three trees together, which can protect them

no protection on the side, so the other secret guards line up on both sides to protect them. Therefore, the four secret guards died in a squatting position. I think they not only squatted, but also tightly held the trees beside them to prevent themselves from being washed away by the stones and

When I first saw those corpses, I was wondering how they died and

together, why were they scattered in different places? If those secret guards were on

her heart trembling. "Because she was afraid that we might not be the first

a while before he understood, "Master

question, he realized that he was asking nonsense. Before Luo Qingyan could speak, he hurriedly said, "According to master's guess, her majesty should have come to her senses at a very fast speed and quickly ordered the secret guards to cut down the three big trees and tie them together, forming a barrier. Your majesty

the stones rolled down, everything returned to peace. Them they came out and tear apart the three trees and the bodies of the secret guards and

but he still had

come to find out the situation. She was afraid that after such a disaster, there were too few secret guards alive to fight against them and that they might find

the incident, the secret guards had already sent people to quickly block the mountain forest. How could

also wanted to know

"Maybe the murders didn't leave immediately and stayed. They happened to meet them. There were not many secret guards left after the incident. Shang'er and they might

her heart. "If she lost her freedom, she would naturally

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