An Eight-year-old Princess

Chapter 1227 Willing To Be Caught

A few meters away, in the study of the front yard.

"I've observed it secretly. The lady opened all the medicine bags and picked up some herbs from each one. I guess she had add some seemingly insignificant herbs to the prescription and took them out for some use. "

Ming Hong narrowed his eyes and said, "I heard she is cunning and scheming. Although we have only met for two or three times, I can still feel it. It seems that we should be more careful in the future. "

Then he asked, "Did you see clearly what kind of herbs she picked up? Where did she hide it? "

"I don't know about herbs. Besides, the lady moved so fast that I didn't see anything clearly. But I saw where she put it. "

Ming Hong nodded and said, "Keep an eye on her and see what she wants to do."

However, Yun Shang didn't take any action as if she had completely forgotten about it.

On the second day, she asked someone to bring fishing rod and bait, and fetched a small stool to fish by the stream.

However, Yun Shang didn't catch a fish after fishing for a whole day.

Yun Shang was not discouraged. The next morning, she fetched a stool and sat by the stream again.

At noon, Ming Hong came again.

"Madam, are you fishing?"

"What's wrong?

Hong said, "It's just that you don't seem to be concentrating on fishing.

fish willing to be caught by angler Jiang

talking, she heard Qian Zhuo's whistling voice, "It's moving! It's moving!

Shang turned to look at the stream and said with a smile, "It seems that Mr. Ming Hong is really my savior. As soon as you come, the fish that was destined

Shang spoke, she picked up the fishing rod and

move. He could only vaguely see

ran quickly to the

couldn't break free. Soon it was pulled to the bank by Qian

must be crucian, at least a kilo." Qian Zhuo said while untying the

squatted by the stream and looked at it. "I haven't had crucian for

getting hot

Suddenly, something fell from Yun Shang's sleeve and into

It's my handkerchief!

and chased after it along the

the handkerchief myself. I'm not good at embroidering and rarely do it. It's one of my few

couldn't help but look at her up and down

as if they had been hiding somewhere in the yard, and

in her sleeves curled up a

and find the handkerchief

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