An Eight-year-old Princess

Chapter 1228 Hide Me As A Mistress

Seeing this, Qian Zhuo was a little surprised. "What's this for?"

"The fish tank." Yun Shang walked over and said, "It's rare for me to catch a fish, so I have to keep it as a souvenir."

Qian Zhuo opened her mouth slightly, turned around and looked at Yun Shang. She couldn't hide the surprise in her eyes, "Raising fish?"

"Didn't you say that we would cook it?"

Yun Shang lowered her eyes and chuckled, "Are you afraid that there is no other fish in the kitchen? I will keep the fish I caught, and we can still have crucian for lunch. "

As Yun Shang spoke, she lowered her head and stroked the fish tank. "Is it the fanciest fish tank? Mr. Ming Hong is so considerate. I just keep a crucian that can be seen everywhere, but he specially get me this fish tank to raise it. "

Then she looked up at the servants who carried the fish tank and said, "Please express my thanks to Mr. Ming Hong."

The servants waved their hands and gestured for something.

It suddenly occurred to Yun Shang that Qian Zhuo had told her that the servants in the mansion were all deaf and illiterate. Yun Shang was afraid that they didn't know what she was talking about at all.

Yun Shang was in a daze for a moment, and a sneer appeared on her face. She waved her hand and said, "Nothing. You can leave now."

men seemed to understand what Yun Shang meant, so they bowed and left in a

and thought for a while. Then she turned around and ordered Qian Zhuo, "Go get a basin of water and pour it into this fish tank. I've put the crucian in the bucket in the living room outside. After pouring the water, put

out the washed handkerchief to hang it. Then she took two buckets of water, filled the fish tank and

tail in the tank and

Then she smiled softly, turned around and sat back on the chair.

the kitchen brought the food. Yun Shang walked to the

Zhuo smiled and fetched Yun Shang a

Ming Hong came again.

I was just saying that I would tell you to move the fish tank into the main hall when you came." Yun Shang held a book

I let them move the fish tank into my room. But I'm a light sleeper. I can't sleep well even with the slightest noise. Last night, the fish swam in the tank for the whole night. It bounced from time to time, making some water sounds, which made

"Okay, I'll ask someone to

nodded and looked up at Ming Hong. "You came

a smile, and his eyes fell on Yun Shang's face. "Not long after the accident in Dangnan Mountain that day, someone searched there. Later, even the

have a special identity, so it's normal for more people to look for

it is difficult to hide the news of

Yun Shang blinked, "Isn't it a good thing

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