Chapter 51 

Initially, Margaret was startled. As soon as she confirmed that Christopher was not pretending to be drunk but rather acting in a subconscious manner, she breathed a sigh of relief and carefully approached him while asking, Whats the matter?” 

All of a sudden, he pulled her into his arms. Sleep with me.” 

Her face was completely buried in his chest, and he was holding her tightly. Sniffing the scent that was exclusively his, she blushed with shyness because his words were too suggestive

Even if they had had a heated argument before he left the house, she would not act foolishly and take it out on a drunk man. Nestling herself in his arms, she adjusted her body to a comfortable position

However, he started to move his hand and caressed her cheek with his thumb for a while. Then, his hand began to move downward, brushing her soft neck and stopping on her delicate collarbone

It was as if his hand possessed magical powers. Her body began to heat up wherever his palm touched. In an instant, her heart started racing, and she subconsciously slowed her breathing

Nevertheless, he did not stop there. Soon, his hand continued to descend and rest on her chest

so she simply gritted her teeth and remained motionless, praying that he would fall asleep

that the clothes were

as if it were

her voice

dare to say anything else. Even

at her with his bleary eyes. “Don‘t you want to leave? I‘ll give you a

got on top of her,

shivered as a significant section of her

a stranded fish, wanting to gasp for

did not forget to turn off the light in the room. As darkness

body reeked of alcohol, and his increasingly forceful hands made her want to escape. Instinctively, she reached out to push him away and rapidly escaped from under him. Standing beside the

his eyes regained focus in the darkness, and his expression turned grim. “Were you disgusted when Jenson touched

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