Chapter 52 

As the person in charge of the project between Soaring Design and Lewis Corporation, Margaret sent the draft to Lewis Corporation after it was completed, knowing that it was her only chance to meet Christopher. 

His secretary was there this time, and as expected, her figure was comparable to that of a supermodel. Not only did she have a curvy figure, but she also had a beautiful face and could pull off conventional office attire so well that no one could take their gaze away from her. 

Seeing Margaret, she uttered with a blank face, “Just pass it to me. Mr. Lewis usually doesn‘t meet anyone.” 

Before Margaret could answer, the secretary took the draft from her and sent it to Christopher‘s office. While Margaret was still contemplating whether she should barge into his office, the secretary had already come out. “Mr. Lewis said that your work is rubbish. It‘s exactly what he said.” 

Obviously, Margaret had not anticipated that. Casper was the owner of Soaring Design, and the majority of the designers in the entire design department were experienced designers. No matter what, there was little likelihood of their work being completely rejected. 

Noticing the doubts in her eyes, the secretary shrugged resignedly. “Mr. Lewis has personally checked the draft. Time is running out, so you should try to come up with a better draft as soon as possible. Mr. Lewis won‘t make an exception, even if your boss is Casper Flemmington. This is serious business.” 

next moment, Margaret mustered up her courage and charged right past the secretary into Christopher‘s office. “Christopher, I need to talk to you!”


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