Chapter 55 

When they returned to the Lewis residence, Margaret crept into the house and had her shower downstairs. When she got out, Elizabeth had already made some noodles for her, and she said, Meg, come and have some food. You must be very tired after your overtime.” 

Margaret was touched, and she replied, Elizabeth, Ive been working overtime lately, and you’re always waiting for me to come home. Please go to sleep early and dont wait for me anymore. Im really not hungry.” 

Elizabeth gave Margaret a warm smile and said, This is Mr. Lewisorder. But what he said was not exactly what you want to hear, so Ill not be telling you his original words. Anyway, hes just worried about you, so go have the food. Once youre done, go to bed early.” 

Without even spending a second, Margaret had already figured out what Christopher had said. He was probably worrying about the need to spend money if she fell sick and that people would be accusing him of abusing her

After she finished her meal, Margaret sneaked into the room upstairs like a thief. She did not dare to switch on the lights in fear of waking up Christopher, but when she snuck herself onto the bed, Christopher moved a little. This had her stayed still for quite a good couple of minutes, and she finally lay down carefully after making sure that she didnt wake him up

With her posture adjusted, Margaret quickly fell asleep. After handling that much of a workload for the day, she was already exhausted

opened up slowly in the dark. A few strands of Margaret‘s soft hair were touching the tip of his nose. Whenever he

never liked any single one of them. This woman, however, had the most unique and exceptional

in her, and she bravely changed her clothes beside the bed while thinking of arriving

facing the bed, but when she turned around, she realized that Christopher‘s eyes were wide open! Aside from that, his eyes were a little red. He seems to have had a

Better than mine, at

had happened, she put on her clothes and said, “I got

for his response, Margaret hurriedly ran away, and her face was

after Margaret and stuffed some waffles into Margaret‘s hand before saying, “It doesn’t matter how busy you are, you mustn‘t skip

not sick. I‘m just feeling

“Strange... It‘s cold recently, and it‘s morning now. Why

wasn‘t awake yet, and she kept talking about this with Fredrick. “What‘s wrong with Mr. Lewis today? He would always be up early, but he‘s still sleeping now?

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