Chapter 59 

With that, Margaret retraced her steps with her head lowered. When she entered the house through the main entrance, the bodyguard standing guard there greeted her respectfully, Mrs. Lewis.” 

Hanging her head even lower, she ran into the kitchen to look for Elizabeth. Only when she was with her could she feel at ease

Elizabeth, who was washing the vegetables, smiled upon spotting her. Why are you back so early today?” 

Margaret put down her latte and smoothly rolled up her sleeves. My vacation started, so I got off work early. I bumped into Christopher afterward and came home with him.” 

Elizabeth moved the vegetables aside and said, Then why are you in the kitchen instead of accompanying Mr. Lewis? Go now! You guys don‘t usually have that much time to spend together, to begin with, so hurry up!” 

Margaret was rendered speechless. If I got along with Christopher well, I wouldnt have run to hide in the kitchen right after returning home

Seeing that she stood there motionlessly, Elizabeth pushed her out by force. Hurry up and do what you are supposed to do. I dont need help here!” 

pick up a fresh set of clothes for a shower. Just as she entered the room, she caught sight of Christopher sitting by the window while engaged in a phone call. Subconsciously, she took lighter steps and

a shower, she lounged about reading magazines in the living room. Days of piled–up

scene Elizabeth saw upon walking out of the kitchen to inform them that dinner was ready. However, she

and saw the person sleeping on the couch, he simply grabbed a folded blanket

even a bit rough, but Elizabeth smiled meaningfully at

should we wake Mrs.

need,” Christopher replied


hour after dinner, Christopher looked at the watch on his wrist and walked toward the door. “Elizabeth, I have something to do, so I am

took out his shoes, and put them before him. “Don‘t worry.

left the Lewis residence, Margaret woke up gradually. “Elizabeth... Why didn‘t you wake me up?” she asked

few days. I kept the dishes warm for you; I will bring them over now. No matter how tired you

in a daze, so she merely grunted an acknowledgment and went straight to the dining table. Upon glimpsing Christopher‘s phone that he

and said, “Mrs. Lewis, you should answer it on behalf

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