Chapter 60 

Elizabeth pursed her lips. It doesnt matter to me. I have been working for the Lewis family for decades, so its fine for me to retire now. However, Meg, Im most worried about your marriage life with Mr. Lewis. You have to do something about the women out there. Those women desire a man like Mr. Lewis!” 

Margaret fell silent. There was nothing she could do about the women Christopher had outside, nor did she have the right to do anything either

Shortly after, Christopher returned

Margaret handed the phone over to him. Megan called, and I picked it up for you.” 

He glanced at her and took over his phone before leaving. Don‘t touch my phone next time,was all he said

A trace of loneliness flashed across her eyes, but she soon recovered her poise

Around ten at night, her phone rang while she was dozing off. It was a call from Jack

something had happened to Jodie again, she hurriedly picked up the

ask you for a favor. Are you free to come out and

had happened. After she looked at the time, she replied, “Let‘s talk about this tomorrow.

to propose to Jo, and I need your help. The case pertaining to her family has yet to be solved, and she looks miserable every day. I don‘t want to see her in such a state, so I wish to propose to her earlier, lest she overthinks. I‘m in a hurry... Moreover, I don‘t have time tomorrow as I

she heard it was related to Jodie. “Where are you waiting for me? It‘s quite hard to take a

pick you up. Send me your address, and I‘ll be

his car pulled up outside the entrance of the Lewis

promptly got into the vehicle as the

plate number vigilantly when he realized it was not Christopher‘s car that

did not want to go too far from home, so she asked Jack to stop the car in

need to go through lots of details, as I don‘t want to grope in the dark at that time. You are Jo‘s only best friend, and

to reject him again, so she followed him back

ordered in advance was delivered after they entered the hotel

why are you only having dinner

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