Chapter 61 

Jodie‘s expression changed slightly when she heard the sound of water running coming from the bathroom. After making up her mind, she pushed Margaret into the room and shut the door. 

“Christopher, what are you doing here?” Jodie quickly straightened up, seeing that Christopher had come over, her back against the door. 

“Get out of the way!” There was a dangerous look in Christopher‘s narrowed eyes. 

Jodie said hesitatingly, “A female friend of mine is showering in the bathroom. It‘s not nice for you to go inside now. Are you looking for Meg? She‘s not here.” 

Behind the door, there was no telling if Margaret was touched or upset. 

She found the entire situation to be baffling, as Jodie and Christopher had shown up when she had just arrived at the hotel with Jack. Its not weird if Jodie has come to look for Jack. But didnt Christopher go to look for Megan

thought when Christopher had the bodyguard break open the door.

her eyes and knocked on

Jack could not hear her and was still

keycard from Jodie and opened the door. Margaret‘s and Christopher‘s eyes met. Even though she didn‘t do anything wrong, she couldn‘t help but feel guilty and move backward in fear.

not complicate things. I am as eager to find out the truth as you are. But can‘t we just wait for Jack to come out before we talk things out? I believe this is not who Meg is, and the same goes for Jack.”

When he went out in a bathrobe and saw the many people

and Jodie said exasperatedly, “I

tell me.” 


quickly said, “I need Margaret‘s help with something, but then I dirtied my clothes when we were eating so I took a shower–“Christopher cut him off, “What

at Jodie and asked,

at him, then looked at Margaret. She was just about to speak when Jack said, “Forget it. You can think however you want.”

signaling his bodyguard with a lift of his hand, he

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