Chapter 62 

The moment Margaret stepped out of the bathroom, the thick cigarette smoke that filled the room caused her to cough violently

This time, instead of putting out his cigarette, Christopher decided to be apathetic. Only half a bottle of whiskey was left on the table beside him

Margaret tried to breathe as little as she could while making her way to him. Once she was behind him, she asked, What do you want to say?” 

Christopher clenched his fingers tightly, causing the cigarette to crumple and change shape. What do you think Ill say?” 

The atmosphere was tense as silence descended upon them

Then, all the glasses on the table were swept to the floor as Christopher finally exploded with anger. He jumped to his feet and grabbed her shoulders. Are you truly that impatient? Is just any man fine for you? Im not dead yet!” 

Margaret didn‘t say anything, just held the bath towel tightly and closed her eyes. Maybe Ill be less afraid of him if I dont look at him...she thought

because of

that, he left without doing anything to Margaret, which was different from

Margaret slumped on the edge of the

her to pick up an utterly drunk Christopher anymore,

Meg? Do you want to have something to eat? What happened

quilt. “I‘m not hungry, and nothing happened.”

sighed and didn‘t question

her. In the end, she answered the call. Jodie‘s voice rang out on the other end of the phone. “Are

said, “No, he

could hear something off with Margaret‘s voice. Still worried about her friend, she asked again, “Why does your voice sound so hoarse? Did you catch a cold?“

and realized she had lost her sense of smell. “Yes, I have a bit of a cold. If

drenched in cold water last night, and now she felt sluggish and drowsy. After hanging up the call, she drifted off to sleep. By the time she woke up next, she was in a hospital.

smell of bleach was pungent as usual, yet it strangely brought a sense of peace

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