Chapter 63 

She did not expect things to turn out so disastrously due to a misunderstanding. Now, many others were dragged into the issue

The contents of the news report agitated her greatly. Hence, her chest moved up and down furiously as she struggled to breathe

Hurriedly, Elizabeth snatched the phone away. Meg, stop looking at it! The most important thing right now is for you to rest and recuperate. As long as Mr. Lewis believes you, youll be fine. Do you understand?” 

Margaret remained silent. How could Christopher trust me?He has never trusted me even from the start..

Upon seeing her distressed state, Elizabeths heart ached for Margaret. Unfortunately, she was unable to help her

When nighttime arrived, Elizabeth was forced by Margaret to return home. Margaret did not want the other woman to stay with her at the hospital since she only had a slight cold and could take care of herself. By the next day, Margaret could be discharged

Perhaps it was because she had slept too much in the daytime, but Margaret could not sleep then. She closed her eyes and lay on the hospital bed while contemplating many things

outside the hospital room yelled, “What‘re you doing?”

time to see someone‘s face disappear from the window on her room door! Who was spying on me?

hospital any longer. She packed her things and left the place, still wearing her hospital gown. She did

thing that remained was the light emanating from the road lamps in the garden and the main

up tightly in the blanket. Gradually, she

the hospital.

empty, the man paused in shock. Thereafter, he turned and rushed toward the nurses‘ station. He exclaimed, “Where

nurse on duty was terrified by the man‘s frosty countenance. She quickly went to check the hospital room. Ultimately, she stammered,

the man commanded, “Examine the

dragged his weary body back to the Lewis residence. It was already past six in the morning. At that moment, Elizabeth was preparing breakfast for Margaret. Noticing Christopher, she

mildly replied, “Yes.” Following that, he speedily went up the stairs. When he caught sight of the sleeping Margaret on the bed, the tension disappeared from his body. Just as he was about to turn and leave, the person

faltered for the slightest moment. Nonetheless, he did not stop moving

accompanied Christopher back home. She questioned, “Why did Mr. Lewis return

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