Chapter 64 

Margaret stirred the oatmeal porridge in her bowl nonchalantly and did not respond to Elizabeth

Christopher only looked for me all night out of duty because he felt a sense of responsibility. I dont think Im in a position to tell him what to do. If hes unwilling to come home, there‘s nothing I can do. Even if I go down on my knees to beg him, hell only get irritated

Meanwhile, the news continued to blow up on the internet. Christopher never gave a direct answer. He even took the opportunity to make a donation to build a primary school on the day before New Year

When Margaret was going through the news, she inadvertently came across the latest news. It was an article accompanied by a picture of her in the hospital that was taken without her knowledge. She looked pale and lifeless on the hospital bed in the picture. The article called into question if Christopher had abused Margaret and landed her in the hospital. The piece also questioned the truth behind the warm image of Christopher. That was when Margaret realized the person outside the ward the other day was a paparazzo

Subconsciously, she refuted the claim in the comments section only to be instantly buried by a huge barrage of comments from other netizens. Perhaps Christophers conduct was never criticized in the past, and the comments on him were always a mixture of positive and negative. Even then, the negative comments were mainly fueled by jealousy

However, there was one ID that caught Margarets attention. That user drew great satisfaction from reprimanding the other keyboard warriors in the comments section. Although this user cursed and swore like the others, it was much more delightful to read

contact her after the news broke out, there

hands. “Let me do it. This is how it is done. See how it fits perfectly? Now,

communicate with Christopher. With

were from completely different worlds.

out and called Christopher. Unexpectedly, the call was answered immediately. Quickly, she gathered herself together and asked, “Are you

It sounded as if he was still asleep when he responded, “Mm.”

single word,

home tomorrow. Fredrick will stay. Some of the kitchen staff will be around too. If Mr. Lewis is back tomorrow, think of ways to make

he‘ll be back. Not sure if he‘ll

so, he‘ll be back for sure,”

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