Chapter 65 

Oh, youre such a bad boy!Megan protested coyly

Fredrick glanced at Margaret twice. He wanted to say something but held his tongue. He stepped forward and greeted, Mr. Lewis.” 

Mm,Christopher responded apathetically before he asked, Have you sorted out everything at home?” 

Yes. As instructed,replied Fredrick

Christopher then took out an envelope and handed it over to Fredrick. This is for you. Thank you for all youve done this year.” 

out. Christopher had always been generous to the servants, and Fredrick did not turn him down. “You‘re welcome. It‘s what I should


on the table. Christopher and Megan walked toward the dinner table and took their seats. Without herself realizing it, Margaret hung her head low and avoided looking at Christopher

lonely and bored. That‘s why I came over with Christopher. You don‘t mind, do you?” Megan fiddled with the huge diamond ring on her finger as she smiled amorously with

business,” Margaret replied without looking at Megan

see the look of indignation she had hoped for on Margaret‘s

Pleased? Arghh

on Megan. With a wide and welcoming smile across her face, she said, “That‘s not true. I‘m very pleased. The house was cold and quiet last year. There was no human touch at all. This year,

on Megan‘s face froze, as she was surprised to see how Margaret remained unbothered. Just as she was about to chastise Margaret again, Christopher rose from his seat suddenly and muttered

Megan nodded obediently.

left. “Margaret, you‘ve got really great tolerance, haven‘t you? Or do you not care about Christopher at all? Perhaps you only have Jenson in your heart, and you would go above and beyond just to see

salad in

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