Chapter 66 

Fredrick stood still as he turned to Margaret

Margaret sat on the couch and flipped through the magazine indifferently. Go and prepare a room for her, Fredrick.

Upon hearing her instruction, Fredrick ordered the housekeeper to prepare the room. Megan then glared at him. Hes just like a dog that knows how to read its owners expressions after being raised for a long time. But, he isn‘t that sharp, as he doesnt even have the ability to predict who will be the lady of the house in the future.” 

Margaret frowned upon hearing her words. Megan Jenkins, watch your words.” 

Megan replied angrily, I dont want to. What can you do to me? Dont you understand Christophers intention of bringing me home on New Years Eve? The guest room is prepared for you.” 

Margaret tightened her grip, and the magazine in her hand was a little wrinkled. Yes

I have no problem with you sleeping with Christopher here today. Please behave yourself before becoming the lady of this house. Also, Id like to remind you. Christopher doesn‘t like people who are too flamboyant, especially those who show off their power

stayed with him for a long time. You‘re just a sinner‘s daughter. Your

Megan‘s words hit right to her sore spot. Moreover, she did not want to show any emotion in front of an outsider.

went upstairs smugly and entered Christopher‘s room. Soon, the sound of

could not be bothered to check it out. Naturally, Megan would not smash Christopher‘s things. The

slowly overcome by a sense of drowsiness. It was already around ten o‘clock at night. However,

study yet. Thus, she had no choice but to lie on the couch. I‘ll never go to the guest room on

the first page of the magazine was the wedding dress design draft she drew. After going through rounds of refinement, the design looked amazing. The dress had been selected to be the highlight of

drawing than designing. Back then, she was eager to start making money

just as she was about to sleep, Christopher finally came out of the study. He did not go

Megan‘s flirtatious voice could be heard from upstairs for the two full hours. Those noises irritated Margaret, and she began to

dawn when there were no longer noises coming from upstairs. Fredrick then sighed and asked,

smiled bitterly. “Should I go to the guest

not. You are the

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