Chapter 67 

Hearing Fredricks words, Megan asked, Whos the outsider? Christopher‘s smoking. If she isnt feeling well, then just go to the guest room and sleep. What do you think, Margaret?” 

Giving no reply, Margaret merely looked at Christopher

Fredrick silently pushed her into the room. Margaret knew it was time for her to buck up and step forward. In a calm manner, she uttered, Before I divorce him, you dont deserve to sleep in this room. Please go out.” 

Pursing her lips, Megan walked behind Christopher and wrapped her arms around his neck as she said coquettishly, Christopher, Im saying that for Margarets sake. Look at the way she talks to me, though.” 

Christopher then put out the cigarette in his hand before he ordered, You go to the guest room.” 

As though her wish had come true, Megan beamed happily. Did you hear that? Christopher asked you to go to the guest room.” 

Fredrick was not someone who liked poking his nose into othersbusiness, but he was infuriated by Megan too. Just as he was about to speak, Christopher repeated, Im asking you to go.

froze when she heard his words. Feeling aggrieved, she pleaded coquettishly, “No, I‘m afraid of sleeping alone. I want to stay with

stood up and asked with a half–smile, “Are you a three–year–old

left reluctantly. When passing by the door, she bumped into Margaret

the fresh air come in. She felt suffocated due to the strong smell of the smoke, and she started

it so difficult

in through the window and turned her long hair into a mess. At the same time, as though the strong breeze had pierced through her heart, she felt

took out the suitcase and rudely threw the

him to tidy up in silence. However, he kicked

her eyes as though the dust had got in.

this I‘ll let you go so that you can look for Jenson? Don‘t worry. There‘s

she fell into a state of panic in an instant.

more intense. He clenched his fists before releasing his grip again. In the end, he slammed the door and left the

the cold floor with her back against the edge of the bed. Burying her face into her knees,

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