Chapter 68 

It was already eight in the evening when she arrived in Horington. Margaret had a good sleep at the hotel, and it was three in the morning when she woke up. She took out a magazine about the art exhibition and made a basic itinerary. The art exhibition would also be exhibiting works by her favorite painter. She had made the decision to resign on impulse, as she wanted to start doing things that she was interested in. Life was too short for one to ponder on the same thing for too long. Hence, she thought she should be living as she wished before it was too late

The next morning, Margaret went to the art exhibition directly and stayed there for the whole day. She could feel her passion for drawing burning like wildfire again

Horington was different from Dellmoor. Horington did not snow and the temperature there was slightly higher. Moreover, the streets were often bustling with people at night. It was almost eleven oclock when she finally returned to the hotel after strolling around

Back in the hotel room, she instantly felt an overwhelming sense of fatigue

Despite that, she still dragged her exhausted body to take a bath out of habit. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door shortly after she lay down. It sounded more like someone bumping instead of knocking on the door

Margaret was startled. Still, she gathered herself and tiptoed to the door. She then asked softly, Who is it?” 

There was no response from the other side of the door. Then, she took out her phone and turned it on, preparing to call the police at any time. However, countless missed calls from Christopher appeared on the screen as soon as the phone was switched on

did not expect that he would be looking for her. Feeling bewildered, she called the number back. A familiar ringtone suddenly rang out from outside. It‘s Christopher‘s

prepared herself for the storm. However, to her surprise, Christopher hugged her tightly as soon

he questioned in a sickly tone. He no longer sounded as domineering as usual.

withstand his weight, and she could hardly keep her

his arms gradually slid down

her to bear, she staggered all the way. Just as she was about to reach the bed, she finally lost her balance

to her senses, Christopher had already gotten on top of her and kissed her on the lips. Then, a slightly hoarse voice sounded in the room. “I didn‘t allow it.


Christopher was very sick.

conscious, his body seemed to tell otherwise. He pinned her down under him, and she was left with no

and breathing unsteadily, she pleaded, “Christopher, you‘re sick. Let‘s go to the hospital.

her words. Then, he ripped off her bathrobe before removing

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