Chapter 69 

Knowing that Christopher was a germaphobe, Margaret cleaned up the blood on the bed and waited for it to dry before laying down to rest

The next day when she woke up and opened her eyes, she caught sight of Christopher sitting on a chair not far away while smoking a cigarette. The room was shrouded in smoke, and the ashtray was half full

She said subconsciously, Youre sick. You were running a fever last night, and your voice sounded a little hoarse. Youd better stop smoking.” 

It seemed that every winter when he was with her, they would always fall sick together. Therefore, she was not surprised at all. However, his cold was worse than before this time, probably because he was too exhausted from work and traveling

Christopher ignored her. Under the reflection of light, his expression could not be seen clearly from the side of his face. There was a hint of coldness shown from the corners of his lips

She then lowered her gaze and said nothing. As she moved her body, she felt a strong sense of soreness spread throughout her body. She could feel her cheeks burning when she thought of what had happened the night before. That was their first time. 

of command after he

her clothes and went into the bathroom to get herself changed. When she came out, Christopher

gaze grew intense for a second when he spotted her strange walking posture.

she was afraid that she would accidentally bump into him in her sleep. She could tell that he was in a bad mood. Moreover, she had gone to Horington secretly, and he had yet to settle the score with her regarding that.

bathroom in his room to take a shower. Meanwhile, Margaret asked Elizabeth in a low voice, “When did he come

was confused. “Mr. Lewis wasn‘t home. He just came back today.”

little frustrated upon hearing Elizabeth‘s answer. I shouldn‘t have sent in my resignation letter to Casper that early. It must be Casper tipping off to Christopher. I didn‘t even think of that. I thought... given my current relationship with Christopher, even if he knows that I‘m gone, he won‘t put his work aside

in the room and let the quilts dry out more.

look good. Did Mr. Lewis cause you trouble

upstairs and fled the scene. Having experienced

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