Chapter 70 

Christopher went back to the Lewis residence after a few days. 

Margaret had turned the empty room upstairs into an art room. She had spent most of her time in the room for the past few days. 

Her hand felt tense, and she almost accidentally made a mistake in painting when she heard him walking upstairs. She halted in her move and decided to stop painting because she had already lost her concentration. 

The door was suddenly pushed open. Elizabeth muttered softly, “Meg, Mr. Lewis is looking for you. He is in his room right now.” 

Margaret glanced at her hands and clothes that were smudged by the paint. “Wait for a minute. I need to clean myself first.” 

After removing her jacket, she went to wash her hands before returning to her room. She took a whiff to ensure she did not stink lest Christopher would be irritated. 

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gray suit, accentuating his tall figure. Even his back looked exceptionally captivating. “There will be a fashion exhibition held by my company at six o‘clock tonight, and your work will be showcased. It‘s up to you if you want

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answer his question and swiftly changed the topic. After looking at the time, she said, “I need to get prepared first. It‘s

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